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Well I have to say this is was one hot all internal surprise creampie movie. The babe is amazing with dark black hair and a perfect body, a tight pussy just made for cum, and an ass and rack to match. Shes just a tiny thing too, and it was hot to see her take a big fat cock up that tight pussy, you can see her lips wrapped tightly around it as she gets hammered in the all internal action video. One fun point of this movie was that a bunch of the action was done in an office chair, Sara just gets bent over it and takes cock. I have to say that this gave us some excellent shots of all the creampie surprise action.

Sarahs Surprise Creampie

  • This great series opens up to find Sarah and her stud lover making out on the couch, Sarah straddling his lap, and giving us a hot shot of the bright neon yellow panties which barely cover up her sweet little pussy. Her stud fondles her ass with both hands for a moment then reaches inside to grasp her pussy cover and peel it to the side so he can get as that shaved pussy of hers with his fingers. The cam zooms in so we can get a close up shot of those tight pussy lips and tight ass just before the action begins as he moves in to slip his tongue inside to give her amateur pussy some oral attention. He works over her pussy real good with his tongue before swapping out so he can plant his cock inside her mouth. Sarah rolls about and gobbles up his cock into her mouth while still clad in a cute camo blouse and sporting those hot yellow panties. The camera captures all the hot action as she sucks his cock, bringing it to stiff attention in anticipation for its soon to be home inside her wet pussy to deliver a creampie.

  • More great oral attention fills this part of her creampie surprise movie, with Sarah sucking cock like a starving tramp. She gets to her knees and looses what little clothing she had and we get are first hot look at that amazing naked frame. Now this chick would make any cock hard! Sporting long sleak legs, perfect curves, and firm pointed breasts, it would be hard act not to blow off a creampie inside her tiny pussy within minutes of entering but this amateur stud does his dutie as she continues to swallow his cock while she fingers her own pussy and sqeezes her perky tits.

  • Next the pair drops to the floor where Sarah squats down over his face so he can eat her pussy some more. Next the pair moves into sixty nine position, with Sarah still strattling him from above. He returns to her pussy and slicks it up to prepare it for the creampie filling that soon to come while she moves down to slobber over the head of his erect penis. With everybody horny and wet the hardcore action starts as she moves to the office chair present and climbs aboard doggy style with her ass high and pussy fully exposed. She sucks his cock for a second to give it one last bit of juice, and is then spun around which exposes a fertile unprotected vagina to that throbbing cock of his. He reaches down and grabs a handfull of man meat and points it towards the opening between Sarhas amateur pussy lips, and with the camera zooming in he penetrates her sweet creampie snatch bareback and begins to pound away.

  • With cock deep inside Sarahs pussy, our stud reaches around to grab a handfull of those perky pink boobs. He grabs on and pulls her tiny frame back against his swollen cock and continues to pound away at that sweet wet pussy with some surprise force. Sarahs snatch swallows up his cock to the hilt and the camera zooms in for some great closeups of his penis as it dissapears into the recesses of her hot body. Next Saarah rolls over and spreads her legs in missionary position, her shaved amateur pussy is again pumped full of man meat as mr stud grabs ankles and thighs for better leaverage to deeply fuck her wet creampie snatch. Sarah couples her breasts with both hands, pulling at her nipples and sqeezing her perky tits, all the while receiving her lovers cock as he continues to build up semen from his loins for an all internal cumshot.

  • Some hot doggy style action is up next, as Sarah is turns over, her super tight ass is hung high in the air for more cock. He moves in and plants his dripping penis into her exposed pussy lips and again hammers away as the camera captures all the amazing action. Sarahs tiny boobs bounce wildly as her body takes the brunt of his agressive thrusts. As she moans with pleasure he reaches ahead with both hands and grabs her by the waist and continues to work it hard as his balls slap against her shaved clit. With the creampie moment close at hand Sarah slips back onto the office chair and offers herself up in missionary once again. He spins her pussy into position and loads up her crotch with hard cock, which is now close to blowing.

  • The all internal amateur creampie moment approaches now as he spreads Sarah wide and pounds that tight wet pussy vigorously. With tits bouncing and chairs sqeeking his pumps speed up as the cum slowly works it way up to the head of his cock for delivery. Sarah grasps her bouncing breasts and moans with pleasure as his fat cock begins to spew a monster load of cum deep inside her unprotected pussy. He moans out with pleasure and gives one last big push to burry it deeply as streams of cum flood Sarahs snatch. With his package delivered he slowly withdraws and as his cock slips from her pussy lips the cum flows from Sarahs now creampie cunt. Sarahs well used pussy continues to spew cum as she stands and spreads her lips for us and this makes for a great surprise creampie event.

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